Towards an agreement for the name «Macedonia of Vardar»

Greece and FYROM are close to an agreement on the name “Republic of Macedonia of Vardar” under the pressing intervention of the US and the EU. This name covers the Greek request with regards to the geographical designation, whist it is widely used from the citizens of the neighbouring country within the framework of differentiation from Macedonia of the Aegean (Greece) and Macedonia of Pirin (Bulgaria). Moreover, one year ago the council of the President of FYROM, Risto Nikovski had publicly expressed his support for the name “Republic of Macedonia” (Vardar). In this light the writing of the name gains particular importance.The use of geographical areas or districts as a part of the official name was repeatedly found on the negotiating table, as stated to Kathimerini by a well informed western diplomatic source, listing the initiative of George Papandreou as a definitive factor towards the course for the resolution of the issue, to initiate direct meetings with Nikola Gruevsky, which in his own words “broke the ice”, adding that, “the moves that Mr. Papandreou made had a great symbolic value. Suddenly your neighbours didn’t feel excluded or humiliated”. The frequent contacts between Mr. Droutsas and Milososki were moving towards the same direction.