George Papandreou: ” It’s time for solidarity”

The Prime Minister of Greece George Papandreou, during the governmental meeting to discuss issues concerning the drugs and addictions, accused the oppositional party of ND by saying : “a sensitive state does its best to face the addictions”, adding that “in the past, there was no political will for the confrontation of such issues.” The aim of today’s governmental meeting was the constitution of a national plan for the opposition  to addictions.

“Our state is the most important patient. They did not respect the people’s money, something which resulted in us not being able to protect enough the citizens and especially the weak ones.”, said George Papandreou underlining that for the sosialist party ” the fiscal crisis does not mean that we should not protect the weak ones. On the contrary, we should face the every day problems, which do not ask for allocations, with different perception, humanity and open mind.”

Greece is the only country, which does not have special programs for the reincorporation of the addicted people. The Prime Minister, explained that the user and the dealer should be treated differently and stressed that we should help the addicted person not by penalizing him but by solidarity. Finally he explained the importance of the right information and the prevention, which should start from the school.



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