Giallinas paintings stolen from Corfu

    An unspecified number of paintings by the internationally renowned Corfu artist Angelos Giallinas have been stolen from the painter’s former home, which had been converted into a gallery by Corfu authorities. The theft was discovered on Friday but it is not known when it actually occurred because the gallery had been closed and last checked about 20 days earlier.
    The police have been alerted and an inventory is now being taken of the hundreds of works of arts by Giallinas stored in the house, in order to determine which paintings have been taken and how many were stolen.
    The house had been fitted with a burglar alarm but this was disabled by the thieves.
    Angelos Giallinas was born in 1857 and died in 1939, becoming well known in Europe for his water-colour landscapes that now decorate palaces in England, Austria, France, Italy and are owned by several major museums. The ‘Giallinas School’ was particularly influential and his style is still imitated, even today.
    On his death, his house on Corfu had been converted into a gallery and the Giallinas Foundation had been set up to manage this. All the painter’s works were considered to be of great value and some are considered particularly important.
    (source: ana-mpa)



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