Q4 Unemployment Rate Climbs At 14.2%

    Hellenic Statistical Authority said on Thursday that the number of employed in the 4th Quarter of 2010 amounted to 4,299,045 persons while the number of unemployed amounted to 712,065. The unemployment rate was 14.2% compared with 12.4% in the previous quarter, and 10.3% in the corresponding quarter of 2009.
    The number of employed persons decreased by 2.4% compared with the previous quarter, and by 4.0% compared with the 4th Quarter of 2009. The number of unemployed persons increased by 14.5% compared with the previous quarter and by 38.4% compared with the 4th Quarter of 2009.
    The unemployment rate for females (17.9%) is considerably higher than the unemployment rate for males (11.5%).
    By observing the unemployment rate for different age groups, we notice that the highest unemployment rate is recorded among young people in the age group of 15-29 years (28.0%). For young females, the unemployment rate is 33.0%
    The number of the unemployed persons is estimated at 712,065. Of these, 88.4% are looking for a full time job as employees. More specifically, 52.8% of those looking for job as employees are looking exclusively for a full time job, while 38.4% are looking for full time job, but, if needed, would accept to work part time.



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