Greek Ace Pilots Receive Highest NATO Honor

    The President of the Greek Republic, Karolos Papoulias gave his warmest congratulations last night to three pilots of the Greek Air Force.  The pilots achieved the highest distinction between crews from nine countries in the school TLP (Tactical Leadership Program) of NATO in Spain.

    The 3 experienced pilots were Captains Sotirios Stralis and Joseph Daskalomarkakis as well as the squadron leader Haralambos Eskioglou who was voted the best air combat trainer. “Congratulations, gentlemen. You continue the great tradition of our Air Force and you have shown the high level of the education you receive. When I saw and read about it, I was impressed and I wanted to meet you personally. It’s really impressive to be regarded the greatest pilots among so many qualified ones. Our small country has shown its finest and their skills, and this makes us very optimistic”, said the first citizen of the country. He also added that “today is a crucial day because of the measures taken by the government, but it shows that we can overcome the crisis if we rely on people and on skills like the ones you have shown.”

    From his part, the Air Force chief Air Marshal Basil Klokozas accompanying the flight officers, said: “I am proud to be their leader and this is what we all say, that the main force multiplier of our Air Force are people like these three men, its airmen and technicians. These people are the ones who make our Air Force stand out in any participation and in any exercise at NATO level and in multinational exercises in which we take part in. We are proud to accept the congratulations and admiration of everyone. “



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