Greek Animal Rights Groups Disapprove of New Animal Law

    Representatives of Greek Animal Lover Organizations disapprove of the new law concerning animals and believe there should be a new one. They accuse the veterinary services of the Ministry of Rural Development and Food for misinforming the authorities on purpose, and have invited the prime minister and politicians to act with responsibility towards this important social issue.

    Animal lovers warn that the law is disappointing and that problems will continue. There has been a rise of the number of abandoned animals in Greece and as they say, the moral progress of a nation will be judged by the way it treats its animals.
    The proposals of the Animal Lovers Organizations were ignored and there will be thousands of abandoned animals because of the liberation of the amateurish breeding and the uncontrolled trade. The animal lovers believe that the bill has been prepared by ignorants without awareness and sensitivity for the animals, and with the aim to promote economic interests of some unions.

    Every year, 15.000 births are recorded at the Dog Society, while 20.000 puppies are imported in a country of 10.000.000 people who can not offer them a home and which results in them being literally thrown into the streets, or much worse into the garbage.
    Two positive aspects of the law are the stricter penalties for those who maltreat their pets or any other animal, and the ban on use of animals in circuses.

    Unfortunately, on the other hand, there are many negative aspects. Firstly, the animal lovers underline that it is not logical to liberate the breeding of pets or double the fines for animal lovers while reducing them for those who abandon their animals. What is more, they forbid the Voluntary Vets Without Borders to offer a voluntary service at a time when whoever wants to neuter their animals has to pay 200 euro.
    In addition, the criteria according to which an animal is considered “dangerous or aggressive” is not mentioned clearly, which could lead to the death of many innocent animals. Also, there are no penalties for the municipalities which from 2003, were obliged to collect animals and give them up for adoption but never did. There is no possibility that they will start doing this nowadays, due to the economic crisis. Finally, the article 7 paragraph 4 which forbids the participation of amputated animals in exhibitions has been removed.



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