Greek-Cypriot Community Sues ANT1 over Airing Turkish Series

ANT1 TV station is being sued by the Greek-Cypriot community and Greek-Cypriot Diaspora organizations, over the airing of the Turkish series “Ezel.”

According to lawyer Loukis Loukaidis, an ex-judge of the European Human Rights Court, a leading Greek TV station like this should have taken into consideration, the problems airing the series “Ezel” would cause, as the series shows parts of Northern occupied Cyprus.

Greek Cypriot clients of L. Loukaidis, tried to reach ANT1 to persuade the channel to not air the series as it was deemed offensive. However, the channel refused to take the show off air. Accusations regarding conspiracy to cause damage, illegal and damaging negative intervention to human damages and psychological damage.

As clients of Mr. Loukaidis are seeking compensation, the International Court of Justice in Hague will now have to decide what action to take if any.

Andrea Loizou, secretary of the Cyprus Community of Melbourne and Victoria said that the Cypriot community has sent a letter to the involved parliamentarians, to express their strong disagreement and disapproval of the current situation.



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