Greek PM’s Brother: “Current Policies Are not the Solution to the Problem”

The Prime Minister’s brother, Nikos Papandreou, underlined that Greek austerity measures concerning the economic recovery of Greece can reach stalemate.  Nikos Papandreou also admitted that the adoption of austerity measures is not the greatest solution to the current economic crisis. “You don’t have to be an economic expert to realize it”, he added.
Furthermore, he explained that these measures were taken under the rules of the international system and not by the members of the Greek political party, PASOK.”
“For all these reasons, the opposition should oppose our lenders and not the government. The collaboration between government and opposition can lead to the adoption of less “painful” measures for the Greek citizens.
Although there is no developmental perspective concerning the austerity measures, these are necessary in order Greece to avoid a sovereign default.”

As it has been underlined by Nikos Papandreou, Greece should be “in pain” for some time in order to gain the confidence of our international partners.

“Our basic target is the change of our partners’ orders, something that it seems to be a kind of ‘mission impossible’.”

Finally, he said that “the exit from the crisis can only be based on the following three actions: a great Marshall plan, euro-bonds and an overthrow of the conservative governments of Europe.”


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