Proposal for Park Instead of Zoo in Thessaloniki

    The environmental company for the conservation of wildlife and natural environment “Arcturus”, is in discussion with the municipality of Thessaloniki in order to transform the zoo in the forest of Seihk-Sou into an alternative park.

    According to the director of “Arcturus” Lazaros Georgiadis, the proposal for the improvement of the living conditions of wild animals in urban zoos in collaboration with other nationwide institutions.

    “In terms of this proposal we asked for the conversion of the zoo in an anlternative pet or animal pet center that is not appropriate in northern Greece” said Mr. Georgiadis at APE-MPE.

    Arcturus’s proposal includes the transfer of the wild animals of the zoo’s premises so the area in the forest of Seihk-Sou can be used in a different way.



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