Troika Presses For Additional Measures

Troika requests additional measures of €2 billion, accelerating privatization program and critical structural reforms, in order to finalize a positive assessment of Greek program.
Greek Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos denied that decisions on the sixth instalment have been postponed and that the Troika asks for additional measures. However, an official announcement of the Council said that the Eurogroup has postponed decision, until the Troika assess government’s measures and okays the release of the aid tranche.

The statements of the European partners indicate that the game is not already decided.
* The negotiation of the 2013-2014 package starts, as the deeper than expected recession and accelerated measures cause a gap that is estimated at €2 billion.
Information indicates that Greece attempts to cover it with anticipated revenues from tax evasion and other measures, but the Troika asks for clear announcements.
* The Troika calls for action and a series of structural reforms as delays have been enormous.

It also asks Justice Ministry for direct regulation in order to speed up of pending cases.
Structural reforms include cutting of social spending, while it has added the abolishment of sectoral agreement and minimum wages, despite government’s opposition.
(source: capital)



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