Fule Warns Turkey Against Use of Military Force Due to Cyprus’ Drilling

Stefan Fule

EU Commissioner for Enlargement Stefan Fule has stressed that the Republic of Cyprus – like all EU member states – has the right to conclude bilateral agreements for drilling in its Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ).

Speaking Wednesday at a press conference, the EU Commissioner warned against threats or the use of military force which contradict the spirit of peaceful resolution of disputes. The EU Commissioner was referring to Turkey, which following a decision by Nicosia to begin natural gas and oil exploration in its EEZ, has deployed warships in the Eastern Mediterranean and has signed an illegal agreement with the Turkish Cypriot regime in occupied Cyprus to delineate what it calls continental shelf.

Replying to questions, the Commissioner recalled that the government of the Republic of Cyprus began some weeks ago drilling for hydrocarbon reserves in its EEZ, stressing the sovereign rights of all EU Member States to enter into bilateral agreements in accordance with the EU acquis and international law. He underscored that there is no room for threats, sources of tension or actions, which contradict the spirit of peaceful resolution of disputes, adding “there is no room for threats to use military force”.
(source: cna)




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