Internet Website Invites Europeans to Claim their Part of Greece

    Unbelievable news concerning Greece is spreading around Internet websites worldwide. An Internet website called invites all European people to claim their part of Greece, since they have already paid it.

    According to the website, European taxpayers have provided great financial assistance to Greece. The website also adds, “If Greece is not able to pay its debt, then European people can take every part of Greece that belongs to them”.

    “You can choose your favourite place for vacation”, the website says inviting the users to put a flag above the part of Greece that they want to have.

    This incident caused outrage to many Greeks, who commented on this by putting flags above foreign countries and not above Greece.



    1. Believe it or not, you deserve it.  Greeks are cowards!  Greeks do not defend their human rights, their legal rights, their homeland!

    2. To remain in power, the politicians of Greece have been continuously destroying all  legal rights, all human rights of the People of Greece.  The People of Greece, affraid of the ferocity of the politicians of Greece, sometimes despair and then go out and fill the streets to yell blah blah blahs, and then retreat to surrender to another session of tortures imposed by the beasts politicians of Greece.  People of Greece:  your first duty is to save your children, not  politicians!  Consequently: impale them!

    3. Germany has three most numerous bankruptcies this century…..Italy is presently in a worse situation than Greece was last year….Portugal and Spain are also worse than Greece was last year… wait until the focus attention turns to those countries…Greece is minor compared to them. Why pick only on Greece? Because it is now and thier memory its too weak to remember….

    4. By their logic the chinese should put flags on Northern Europe since the US FED gives money to countries like Germany and the US debt has a large portion owned by the Chinese.

    5. It is morons like and the stupid things that come out of your mouths that catapults everything simple in life into the abyss.

      Greece is not the cause of the financial turmoils that are present in most European countries. Each has itself to blame. Greece is an easy target. PERIOD.
      Lets see what you all have to say over the next month when Greece’s problem is going to be a board game by comparison to what other countries will present. Lets see…………….
      Let me ask what your ethnic background is?
      I am a Greek Australian and every bit proud!!!!!!!


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