Turkish EU Minister Calls Greek-Cyprus Membership in EU a Mistake

Turkey’s EU Affairs Minister and Chief Negotiator Egemen Bağış said during his interview on Bayrak TV of the TRNC on Sunday, November 6, that the EU will be like a “limp duck” as long as the Cyprus Problem remains unsolved.

According to the Turkish minister, a solution to the year-long Cyprus Problem must be found by June 2012, otherwise the Greek-Cypriots will  be the only ones to blame. Mr. Bağış also added that it was a mistake to accept the Greek-Cypriot membership in the EU in the first place and that EU officials have confessed that as well.

The Turkish minister stated that if the Cyprus Problem solution is based on political equality, it will be beneficial for both the future of Turkey and the security of Cyprus and Europe.

“Seventy percent of Europe’s required energy resources were transported from within Turkey’s borders, and Europe did not have the chance to reach those resources without Turkey’s contribution,” Bağış said.

The Turkish minister emphasized the new momentum Turkey could bring into EU processes and how his country will not abandon the TRNC in favor the EU.


  1. Yes it was and was done delibretly to stop Turkish joining in, and now Greeks and Greek Cyprus been in EU is going to destroy EU, this is what I call it Karma, and if Turks are smart they will never join in and become slaves to Germans and the French, and certainly Turks do not want to be called PIGS G been the Greece in PIGS, RU is a sick Union of the World with cheating sick man of the Europe Greece and Greek Cyprus, I am glad this is happening to EU that is what you get betraying Turks, now lets see how you come out of this mess Greeks created for you, Ha ha ha ha

  2. Turkey invaded cyprus. they live in sand dunes. They live like pigs. Did you really think the civilized EU would accept Turkey??? we are at the party. You were never invited.

  3. Imagine the horror of letting Turkey be part of the EU! Europe, is under conquest from the increasingly Nazi
    Arabic/Turkish Muslim-controlled/infiltrated Western Left; through the Nazi
    Muslim Brotherhood agents. They even controlled the Green Party, like in
    Germany here – which is now more concerned about bringing in more
    Arabic-Turkish Muslim refugees including from the scary exodus of over 30,000
    of mostly Tunisian-Libyan Muslim refugees invading Italy than being concerned
    about the environment (to increase their voting power through Muslim migrants)!
    Walking through Ludwigshafen and Mannheim in Germany is like walking through
    Arabic/Turkish-ruled streets! See –

    Politicians bicker over Tunisian refugees

    Published: 15 Feb 11 08:56 CET

    …..Meanwhile Green party co-leader Cem Özdemir told
    daily Rheinische Post that the EU must distribute the number of refugees fairly
    across member states. “The north can’t leave the south alone on this,” he said.

    Centre-left Social Democratic interior policy expert
    Sebastian Edathy told daily Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung that the EU desperately needs
    a quota rule to spread the burden of the refugees across the continent…….


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