Illegal Immigrants Rescued from Disabled Trawler Off Kythira

    Greek authorities mounted a rescue operation on Friday to save 92 illegal immigrants adrift on a trawler disabled in rough seas 30 miles from the island of Kythira.

    According to a coast guard statement, patrol boats, merchant ships and a military transport aircraft took part in the operation.

    The trawler is believed to have been heading from the Egyptian port of Alexandria to Italy , when it suffered engine failure. All passengers were identified as Egyptian males and were transported by a US-flagged freighter to Kalamata, where they were temporarily housed in a harbor warehouse.

    This is another case of illegal immigrants trying to cross Greece and enter the EU. Thousands of people, mostly from Asia and Africa, are arrested on the country’s borders every year, while some days ago 2 more men drowned trying to cross the Evros River on the borders with Turkey.


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