Greek MP Asks Parliament to Give Greeks Abroad Political Rights

    Greek MP of Dimokratiki Symmaxia Party, Lefteris Avgenakis asked Greek parliament to find all the alternative proposals so that the Greek Language Schools abroad are not to face closure.

    Moreover, Avgenakis discussed the bill concerning the Greek Language Education abroad and the potential giving of political rights to Greeks abroad.

    Avgenakis emphasized that Greeks abroad support Greece and struggle for the progress of Greece, stating that the new provisions of the bill regarding Greek Language Education abroad has caused outrage to Greeks abroad but even worldwide.


    1. Political rights for Hellenes living in countries such as Australia? Sounds great in theory but let’s examine some facts. Who would get the role of being an MP or whatever for Hellenic Australians? With the Italians it was a newspaper owner, such is the power and the wealth of the media. How would we decide, since a certain koinotita has run more corrupt elections than honest ones, and I speak with over 30 years conducting elections for the government here. I also recall great promise from things like the Greek Australian conference of 1987 and the deliberate sabotage by some in our community with their own vested interests. I recall when then HACCI (Vic) President Jon Michail and others tried to establish a unifying body here in Melbourne only, again, to be deliberately sabotaged by vested interests.


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