Man Sells His Kidney Due To Financial Problems

Shocking as it may seem, it is true: a man from the island of Rodos has posted an advertisement on website, in which he is selling his kidney due to financial problems.

This is not the first incident of desperate people coming up with even more desperate solutions to overcome their economic difficulties in a country that is going through its fourth consecutive year of recession.

Not that long ago, a businessman from Piraeus had told Espresso daily that the only way to save his family from ending up on the streets was to sell his kidney for 100.000 Euros. “I am healthy and I can live without one of my kidneys, while my family won’t make it if we go bankrupt” said the desperate 46-year-old, who had even hired a private investigator that would help him sell his organ as quickly as possible.

Although selling human organs is illegal, many people around the world are considering living “on less”, if that is what it takes for them to hold on to their dignity and make ends meet.

Several websites are posting offers on kidney transplants, offering money that would save people from their debts, and many people suffering from organ failures are searching for such offers instead of waiting in the long lists for hospital transplants.



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