Greece Among Top Romantic Destinations

The site boldsky ( ranked Greece as one of the most romantic destinations in the world, due to the favorable summer climate, large number of islands, variety in island activities, and its scenic and architectural wonders.

This is what they had to say about Greece:

“The Greek civilisation did not spring up from the earth suddenly without love. Greece is supposed to be one the most romantic destinations in the world because of its scenic and architectural wonders. The river valley of Paxi or the mountain city of Sartorni, along with Greek delicacies, is surely worthy of your love”.

Other top romantic destinations included France, the home of so many expatriate poets and artists, a city where love flows through its veins like blood, the Netherlands, which are known for celebrating ‘freedom’ of love with surprising permissibility, Scandinavia, a favorite for Scandinavians and Italy, in which exist the quite charm of Milanese museums and the romantic gondolas in Venice.




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