Documentary About Young People’s Challenges to Be Presented in Thessaloniki

    A documentary titled ‘Greece…I am facing taxing times’, by Serafeim Ntousias, will be presented on the 4th of March at Olympion in Thessaloniki under the auspices of the Deputy Mayor of Youth, Sports, and Volunteers.

    The documentary focuses on young people and their problems and psychology. Volunteers involved in the European Youth Capital 2014 event are going to star in the documentary.

    Also, the famous Greek actors Lakis Lazopoulos & Katia Dandoulaki will be the narrators in the documentary.

    The objectives of this specific documentary start at a personal level and end up discussing more general social interest regarding the course of a country from the past into the future, the course of a country that has fought for democratic ideals and has offered, on a worldwide level, civilization and cultural values. It’s not a financial documentary, but a documentary about Greece seen through the eyes of Greeks living and studying abroad.

    The documentary is planned to be presented at the upcoming Documentary Festival of Thessaloniki, running from the 9th through the 18th of March.

    Admission is free!


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