Turkey Increases Natural Gas Flow To Greece After Last Week’s Cuts

    Turkey has begun increasing the volume of gas it is exporting to neighbouring Greece, after cutting exports by two thirds without warning last week, a spokesman for Greek state gas company DEPA told DPA on Monday, February 6.

    The spokesman confirmed that the volume of gas DEPA received was expected to return to normal in coming days. They assumed that the cut was due to extremely cold weather in Turkey and much of south-eastern Europe.

    “With temperatures rising we are expecting the flow of gas to return to normal,” M&C was reported as saying.

    Last week’s cut in exports, starting on February 1st, was the second time in a month that Turkey had reduced the volume of gas it exports to Greece.

    Greece annually imports up to 800 million cubic metres of Azeri gas from Turkey under a deal signed in 2002, with imports beginning in 2007 following the construction of a pipeline link between the two countries.

    (Source: PanArmenian.net)


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