Saint Andrew Monastery in Cyprus in Immediate Need of Restoration

Archbishop Chrysostomos II of Cyprus called for the immediate restoration of the historic monastery of Saint Andrew on the tip of Karpas peninsula, northeastern Cyprus.

The monastery dates back to the 1st century A.D. and has been a meeting point for Greek Orthodox believers over the centuries, as it is believed that Christ’s follower, Andrew, had been a cast away on that part of the island.

The Greek-Cypriot Archbishop warned the faithful to avoid visiting the monastery in danger of collapse, while he also called the Turkish-Cypriot side to act immediately upon preserving the endangered cultural monument.

According to Nicosia AP, Chrysostomos II has also accused the Turkish side of trying to obstruct the restoration of the Orthodox monastery in a bid to eliminate anything Christian or Greek from Northern Cyprus.

The Turkish-Cypriot officials answered that restoring and preserving Cyprus’ cultural heritage is of major importance to them both in terms of culture and due to the tourist-centered economy. According to the Turkish side, a restoration plan is already being examined.


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