Rambo Priest Strikes Again in Crete

    Ηe is certainly not an ordinary priest of the Greek Orthodox Church. Not at least by definition. This means he does not only chant the “peace to you” blessing, commemorate the faithful in his prayers, deliver the Divine Liturgy and ask from his flock to forgive their fellows, but he also solves his personal differences in a Rambo way.

    But to take the story from the beginning… In the village Voriza of the Faistos Municipality, Crete, the 23-year-old ex fiancé of the 15-year-old daughter of the Rambo-priest decided to “kidnap” the underage girl.

    The mother of the girl reported the kidnapping some days ago and the father, utterly infuriated, took a gun and riddled the kidnapper’s family house with bullets. From the field investigation 12 catridges were found around the place. The 39-year-old priest is now wanted, while a preliminary hearing is being conducted by the Police Department of Moires.

    The Rambo-priest from Mesara is a very peculiar figure of the clergy and the broader region of Crete. This is not the first time the 39-year-old clergyman decides to dress up like Rambo, or Chuck Norris by others, and upsets the whole community.

    In 2010 the priest and his brother had grabbed, at gunpoint, a terrified 52-year-old businessman from a local café. The case had then become a main issue for the Municipal Council of Mires and finally made it to court. The priest had only been prosecuted for committing a felony and was released under restrictive orders back then.

    The Church had called a meeting to examine the weird case that offends the work and ethos of other dedicated priests, but did not defrock him since no one was hurt.


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