Greek Actress Smaroula Giouli Passes Away

    Famous Greek actress Smaroula Giouli passed away Wednesday morning at the age of 78, three months after the tragic loss of her husband and theatrical producer Vassilis Livadas.

    Mrs. Giouli began suffering from different health problems after her husband was burnt alive in a fire that broke out in their apartment in November 2011. Mrs. Giouli had then been rescued and hospitalized. At her husband’s funeral, Mrs. Giouli was again hospitalized with respiratory problems. The health issues she was facing, in combination with the psychological collapse after her husband’s death, took a toll on Mrs. Giouli’s health.

    The funeral service will take place at the Zografou cemetery in Athens.

    Smaroula Giouli was born in Thessaloniki in 1934. She graduated from the Drama School of D. Rontiris and took on dancing and singing lessons.

    Her first cinema appearance came at the age of 9 (in 1943) with the film “The voice of the heart”. Her roles in the film productions “The Greek Passion” and “Anna Frank” have been well received by the critics of the time. In 1960, Mrs. Giouli and her husband acquired their own theatre, which hosted numerous plays from major theatrical writers.


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