520 Barcode Hellas Supports Greek Businesses

    GS1 Hellas company, under its new name ‘520 Barcode Hellas’, is the only company that issues barcodes with 520 as the first digit, that is, the bar code for Greece. The company, through its new name, aims to clarify the origin of a product in order to prevent any confusion about its originality.

    520 Barcode Hellas company is the only one to have the right to issue a Greek barcode. The clients of the company include Greek businesses such as Coca-Cola 3Ε, Vodafone, WIND, Cosmote, Κorres, Bayer Hellas, AGNO (ΑΓΝΟ), Dodoni (Δωδώνη), Plesio Computers (ΠΛΑΙΣΙΟ Computers), Sklavenitis (Σκλαβενίτης), AB Vasilopoulos (ΑΒ Βασιλόπουλος), Masoutis(Μασούτης), Karelia (Καρέλια Α.Ε), and many other public bodies that export or import products from abroad.

    The chairman of 520 Barcode Hellas, Evanthia Dimou, stated: “Our company was the first to use barcodes in the Greek market and we support Greek businesses. We have promoted Greek entrepreneurship since 1985, having issued the majority of barcodes used in the domestic market”.

    Moreover, the company has established an international base of barcodes for Greek companies in order to be promoted internationally. Through the website of the company www.520barcodehellas.com, someone can apply for the creation of a new barcode.


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