Group of 2,000 Men Shave in Thessaloniki to Enter Guinness World Records

A major supermarket chain company in Northern Greece has launched an invitation to all willing unshaven men to participate in a group shave that will enter the World Guinness Records book.

The group shave event will take place on Sunday, March 18, at 10am, at the Store and Distribution Centre of the company located in Kavalari of Thessaloniki, and aims at having 2,000 men simultaneously shaven.

The participation terms include being a man and have not been shaved for at least two days, since all of the face will have to be shaven during the event (beard and moustache).

Participants will be presented with a full set of shaving products and will also enter the lottery for winning the shaving products for a whole year.

According to the organizing company, the more men decide to participate at the group shave, the bigger the contributions will be to the Papafio Orphanage of Thessaloniki and the Greek Children’s’ Village in Filiro.


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