Demetres Christofias: “Andrew Athens is Our Brother”

Andrew Athens (Athanasoulas), Honorary SAE President of the World Council of Hellenes Abroad, was received last Thursday in the Presidential Palace by President Demetres Christofias, who called him a brother and a co-fighter of the fight of the Cypriot people for freedom.

During their meeting, President Christofias thanked Mr. Athens on behalf of the Cypriot people and the present Cypriot government as well as every former one “for his offer to Cyprus. You are one of our brothers who did his best to guide Cyprus to freedom by terminating the occupation and restoring Cypriot people’s rights who are victims of the Turkish expansionism.”

President Christofias added that “present times are crucial for Cyprus”, bring up the fact that the Cypriot government is soon to take the EU Council Presidency, a difficult and demanding task, as he remarked. There are no results from the Turkish-Cypriot negotiations to announce, he added.

Mr. Athens warmly thanked D. Christofias for the honor and underlined that Cyprus was chosen to be his first stop before Greece.

The President also gave Mr. Athens a valuable present; a copy of the Kyrenia ship. Mr. Athens received the present and wished Cyprus to be fully liberated as soon as possible. Andrew Athens, the Hellenic-American Honorary SAE President of the World Council of Hellenes Abroad was awarded the Cypriot Republic the Grand Cross of the Order of Merit in 1997.

(Source: ana-mpa)


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