Famous Greek Actor Sophocles Peppas Passes Away

    Famous Greek actor, Sophocles Peppas, passed away yesterday morning at the age of 63 after a yearlong fight against cancer.

    Peppas had a long and successful career behind him, with many roles in different TV series and film productions. Some of his most prominent roles included TV series “Luna Park”, “Loxandra” and “The Hall of the Throne”. He was recognized for his talent in his protagonist roles with the National Theatre at Epidavros, while he had also starred in films such as “The falling dust”, “A smiley afternoon” and “The song of return”. In 2008 he was presented with the Veaki Award.

    Peppas was best known for his characteristic voice, which he had also lent to Papa Smurf of the popular children’s series “The Smurfs”.

    Friends and relatives said their final goodbyes to the deceased actor today at 4pm, at the cemetery of Zografou, Athens.


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