Papademos Doesn’t Exclude Need For More Aid

Greek Prime Minister Lucas Papademos says the country might need more financial aid but will work hard to avoid having to request it, according to an Italian newspaper Friday.
“Greece will do everything possible so that there is no need for a third adjustment program,” he is quoted as saying in an interview with Il Sole 24 Ore, a business newspaper.

Papademos says his country’s success in avoiding having to request more aid will depend on its ability to implement the terms of the second round of aid it has received.
“Having said this, Greece might not have access to markets even if all the measures have been completely adopted,” he says.
“It is difficult to foresee the conditions and expectations of the market in 2015,” he adds. “Some form of financial assistance might be necessary, but we have to work hard to avoid it from happening.”
(source: Dow Jones)


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