Downtown Athens Historic Shops Shut Down One After the Other

Shops in downtown Athens that have been open for many decades are now kneeling under the burden of the economic crisis. More and more historic shops and restaurants that managed to survive the junta regime are now shutting down because of the economic hardships and recession.

According to “Typos tis Kyriakis” daily newspaper, the once glamorous Stadiou Street has now become a shadow of its past, while Panepistimiou Street is becoming a center of abandonment and despair.

The well known Chinese restaurant “Far East” has recently shut down after 25 years of working, while “Cellier Bistrot”, which had opened at the historic “Apotsou” place, has also shut down.

After its 112 years of constant presence in the centre of Athens, the historic shop “Nisiotis” with silver merchandise shut down. The owners have opened a new shop in London and claim to be satisfied with their choice.

“Tsantilis” and “Danos” on Stadiou Street are two more shops that succumbed to the ongoing Greek crisis. The remaining shops are putting up a fight to stay open despite the adversities and reduced purchasing power of the Greeks.


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