IMF Spokesman Offers Condolences Over Greek Pharmacist’s Suicide

    The IMF has sent its official condolences over the suicide of the 77-year-old retired pharmacist on Wednesday in Athens.

    The tragic loss of the desperate man has caused public outburst and has hit a nerve in the crisis-hit Greek society. Many ordinary people protested today over the cruel fate of the man, while others have turned the point of the suicide into an altar with flowers and candles in memory of the crisis victim.

    According to AFP, IMF spokesman Gerry Rice offered his condolence’s over the man’s suicide.”What I’d like to say is we’re deeply saddened to learn of any death in these circumstances, and just to express our sympathies,” he said.

    Rice made no further comments on the tragic loss.

    Suicide and depression rates have been on the rise in Greece for the past three years, with the recession bringing the middle class family down on its knees and the austerity measures causing wider uncertainty and social and political turmoil.

    According to Greek daily TaNea, 450 suicides and 600 attempted suicides have been recorded in the country in 2011.

    The suicide of the retired pharmacist does not really call for sympathy or condolences but for radical change in the “rescuing” methods employed to date.


    1. It’s hard to write words of condolence especially if you do not know what to say first. But it is essential to send a message or card to let them know that you care and how the deceased person means to you. It is a great idea if you involve something personal like a fond memory you shared of the person who has died.



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