Painting Exhibition in Golden Hall with Works of 20 Greek Painters

The “Alliance for Greece” is an initiative that began from institutions of the wider sector of communications and marketing, in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Greek Tourist Organization, aiming to promote the image of Greece both inside the country and abroad. It once again presented an efficient promotional campaign of Greek culture and tourism through the coordinated action of people and institutions.

Through the action “Private Initiative-National Success,” the “Alliance for Greece” enables images of our country to travel out of the Greek borders.

Greece was successfully promoted in the USA thanks to the generous offer of 40 artworks, created by 20 Greek artists. The paintings were transformed to placemats illustrating Greek images. The Hellenic-American Restaurant Organization “Pan Gregorian” undertook the task of printing 7 million placemats featuring the work of 20 Greek visual artists, in a joint campaign with the “Alliance for Greece” and the Greek Ministry of Tourism and had them distributed to 4,000 restaurants in the United States. The initiative was launched this past December in 7-million customer based restaurants located in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, North and South Carolina, and Maryland.

A painting exhibition will be held praising the artists’ generosity and sealing the great effort by so many people on behalf of Greece. The original paintings will be exhibited, along with other works of the 20 painters, in Golden Hall beginning Friday, April 6 at 7pm, and go until April 30.

The exhibition is organized under the auspices of the Greek Tourism Organization and sponsored by OPAP Group of Companies.


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