EU Threatens Greece May Lose Airspace Control

    Greek Air Traffic Control Association (GATCA) sounded a note of warning to Greece. According to a European Union report, Greece may lose control of its national airspace if the Greek government does not compromise with the Europeans’ demands.

    GATCA characterized the Hellenic Ministry of Finance’s strategy as “inexplicable,” with the belief that Greek control over its own airspace is in jeopardy.

    Greece earns money from its airspace, which the government uses for investments, training, equipment and payment of wages. Now, the EU is asking for this money.

    What happens if Greece refuses to satisfy their demand? Airspace control may be lost, and neighboring countries (such as Turkey and Italy) would be glad to claim it.

    “EU marked the plan for profits as ‘unacceptable.’ [Profits] which Greece had sent the Europeans,” said President of GATCA Spiros Rolakis.

    No official announcement has been released, so word from the Minister of Finance is highly anticipated.