Greek Seamen’s Union to Press Ahead With 2-day Strike Despite Government Appeal

    Greek ferry crews have decided to press ahead with a planned two-day strike next week that is expected to severely disrupt Easter holiday plans in the crisis-struck country.
    The seamen’s federation said Friday that no ferries will be sailing on Tuesday and Wednesday, during Greek Orthodox Holy Week.
    One ferry company, meanwhile, on Friday that it alone has already issued some 7,000 tickets for the two days of the strike to the islands.

    A statement said union members rejected government proposals on ending the impasse. Seamen oppose benefit and healthcare cuts planned as part of austerity measures intended to pull Greece out of its acute debt and deficit crisis.
    A government statement said the strike would harm the country’s vital tourist industry. Ferry crews had launched rolling two-day strikes month, but agreed to return to work after talks with government officials.
    (source: AP)


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