The “Greek Monsters” Are Coming Home

The “Greek Monsters” exhibition will be coming home after a long and successful tour across European museums. On April 26, the Benaki Museum of Athens will inaugurate the return of the Beetroot Design Group’s exhibition of three-dimensional sculptures.

According to the design group members, the “Greek Monsters” are not as monstrous as they seem. The talented Greek graphic artists have tried to fix the misunderstood reputation of the Greek mythology monsters as victims and perpetrators while launching their exhibits in Berlin.

The exhibition features sculptures of Cyclops, Minotaur, the Stymphalian Birds and other digital “invisible” monsters that are brought to life through smart electronic devices.

The exhibition has earned Beetroot the best prize at the “Red Dot Design Awards” in 2011, the leading International Awards of Communication Design.

Beetroot is an award winning design group based in Thessaloniki, Greece. All team members are design enthusiasts with expertise and skills in the creative field. Beetroot has been seeking new ways of expressing creativity and providing design solutions since September 2000.


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