Exclusive: Greek Citizen Puts His Vote Up for Sale on Ebay

    A Greek citizen, inspired by the Greek Vice President Theodoros Pagkalos, who said in an interview that Greek votes will be sold at the upcoming elections, has listed his right to vote for sale starting only at $1.

    The citizen, disappointed by the Greek electoral system, decided to auction off his vote in the upcoming Greek election. If you are interested in buying his vote the deadline is April 18. On the ebay listing the Greek citizen assures his possible bidders that a video with his vote will be available online as proof. Below is his full message:

    A few days ago, the Vice President of the Greek government, Theodoros Pagkalos, said in an interview that Greek votes are sold. Well I don’t want to dissapoint him. The elections in Greece are probably going to take place in May, so I follow his advice, I sell my vote, I ‘ll vote anything you tell me to. It doesn’t need to be a political party. You ‘ll tell me what to put in the envelope. Only printable items though, like advertisements, text, photos, etc. My initial intention for my vote was a blank one. But Unfortunately, the Greek electoral system counts blank votes as invalid. Content that will not be accepted includes but is not limited to: Racist Content, Copyrighted Material, Adult content, Violence, cursing. Video proof from the voting process will be uploaded.

    The message and link was sent to us by an anonymous user who used the nickname Art Artista, and had an email address associated with the website imalakas.com, which a few days ago listed Greece for sale on ebay.

    “It started as nothing more than a joke. 2 days in the auction, the highest bid was 58 or so $. The third day it went up to 1525 $. And then it went mental. Before Ebay took the listing down, the price had skyrocketed to over 77000 $.”

    Ebay took down the listing that had Greece for sale after 4 days because it was “a non-existent item.”

    It will be interesting to see what the online commerce site will do with the listing of the Greek Vote for sale, since the seller makes a pretty strong case for selling his service and vote – especially since he will provide the video footage of his action.

    The Greek general elections will probably take place on the 6th of May, and Greeks are expected to punish the two leading parties, Pasok and New Democracy, for bringing the country into its current financial situation.

    The ebay user who listed his vote for sale is named usualunusual.



    1. Just as well get what he can.  The politicians sell their vote to the corporations every day they go to ‘work’.


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