Academy of Athens Presents Greek Manuscripts’ Collection from Romania

    A collection of more than 60,000 Greek manuscripts from Romania has been donated to the Academy of Athens by the Institute for Transbalkan Cooperation.

    The donation was launched by the initiative of the Institute’s president, George Sourlas. The collection was presented during a special event held on April 5 at the Academy of Athens.

    The collection includes digitalized material from the archives of the National Library of Bucharest, the Library of the Holy Synod of the Romanian Patriarchate, the state archives of Iasi and the Urechia Library in Galati.

    The biggest part of the manuscripts refer to historic and music issues, while there is a considerable number that describe the everyday lives of the Greeks of Romania, the local traditional meteorology and astrology. The material is of major historic and folklore value, and researchers and scientists in Greece will have access to it.

    The collection of the manuscripts began in 2007, after Sourlas came in contact with the political, religious and spiritual authorities in Romania, the president of the Academy of Bucharest, Patriarch Daniel, and the then Romanian PM Popescu-Tăriceanu.


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