Original Paintings of Greek Artists For Sale Online

All over the world, there are several digital galleries that sell original paintings of famous artists online. Not all of them are reliable, however.

A buyer cannot be sure about the originality of the painting, since the digital image makes that difficult and unsafe. Moreover, they can’t be sure about the originality of the painter’s signature either. There is also the risk that the buyer could be giving money to a fraudulent person.

A new Greek digital gallery promises to make the client feel sure about the product they buy.

“Petros Vergos” auction association created this digital platform and guarantees the avoidance of being scammed. On the website, there is the possibility for someone to buy paintings of renowned Greek artists, such as A. Fasianos, Akrithakis Alexis, Tsarouchis Yannis and more. Their prices range from 300 to 5,000 euros.

Many vintage books, even from the 15th-16th century, can also be found for sale at a good price. The collection includes almost every kind of book, from dictionaries to foreign literature.


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