Occupation in State Service Buildings Punishable By Arrest

    Supreme Court Prosecutor Ioannis Tentes ordered his colleagues to immediately intervene and proceed to arrests in flagrante delicto, in cases of universities, ministries and other state building occupations, if intruders refuse to abandon the area.

    “It has become a frequent phenomenon in recent years that buildings where state services or Legal Entities of Public Law (NPDD)  are housed and function be occupied,” stressed Ioannis Tentes in his written mandate to the prosecutors of the Appeal Court across Greece. As a result of these occupations, “function of those services is being obstructed.”

    The Supreme Court Prosecutor explained that “refusal of the intruders of state buildings to abandon the premises can be either written and official or ‘silent,’ to be namely apparent by the moves of the representatives of the intruders.” In any of these cases, if someone commits the offense of disturbing domestic peace, they will be immediately prosecuted and arrested without former notice. The prosecutors will proceed to arrests in flagrante delicto and a previous lawsuit will no longer be necessary.

    “Our intervention by using the police forces is self-evident and is implied by the need to identify offenses and confirm the identity of the offenders,” adds the prosecutor.

    Ioannis Tentes also proposed that state services be asked to fully cooperate in case of an illegal or even planned and officially announced occupation, so as to clarify their opposing stance towards the occupation and, secondly, to contribute to the recognition of the leading offenders who are usually known to them.

    Prosecutor Tentes also referred to the responsibilities that university professors or dean of faculties and heads of state buildings, such as ministries, bear in case of an occupation. He also pointed out the importance of the academic asylum abolishment.

    The Greek communist party KKE responded to the official mandate of Supreme Court prosecutor Tentes, calling it proof of the “escalation of authoritarianism” and stressed that the time frame in which these announcements are made – a few weeks before the national elections – promotes “terror and blackmails the people.”


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