“Choose 4 Greece” Helps Greeks With Voting

“Choose4Greece” is a digital platform created by academics to advise Greeks which political party they should vote for in the upcoming elections on May 6.

The platform gives voters the opportunity to “debate” with their own opinion and decide which political parties are closer to what they believe in. This website is an idea shared by six research groups of Greek and foreign universities.

Everyone visiting the digital platform has to answer specific questionnaires anonymously. Based on their answers, there are some graphs which show participants their general political side (left or right-wing). These charts take into account the voters’ opinion about social and economic issues, as well as criminality, environment and education.

But the platform is designed to draw safe conclusions, so researchers are not interested in traditional family choices or personal motivation of the respondents.

Lia Spyridou, researcher at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, says that users of this website have the opportunity to be informed about the political program of each party in Greece. She says it is interesting that, in the end, people end up voting for political parties that are really opposite or somewhat different from their preferences.

The application, created by academics working at Universities of Zurich, Cyprus, Thessaloniki, UK and the Netherlands, has already been used during the British elections for London mayor, at the Cypriot elections, in Argentina, Spain, Chile, and other locations.


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