Immigrants Willingly Stay in Greek Jails Longer Than Necessary

    According to president of the Greek correctional officers Spyros Karakitsos, interviewed by the newspaper To Vima, decades of immigrants who have served their sentence imposed by Greek courts remain in prison as “guests” because it is impossible to get deported.

    Everyone wants to leave jail as soon as possible, right? Everyone but these refugees who can’t return to their home countries which are at war. Since Greece has no other appropriate place where such immigrants can be hosted, they stay in jail for almost a year.

    At the same time Greeks argue about the possible advantages and disadvantages of the future detention centers in Greece, civil servants stress the necessity of being supported by the government.

    Karakitsos referred to the difficulties they face everyday in prisons, problems which both guards and prisoners have to cope with, such as overpopulation. He also called the Greek prison a “collapsing system.”



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