Silk Museum of Soufli Earns Universal Distinction

    The Soufli Silk Museum belongs to the museum network of the Piraeus Bank Cultural Institution. For the very first time, the commission Europa Nostra awarded a Greek museum, in the category of “Special Services.”

    Europa Nostra is a European organization which takes care of Europe’s cultural heritage. They organize campaigns when cultural monuments or sites are in danger.

    The museum opened in 1990 and presents all the stages from the pre-industrial process of silk worms rearing (sericulture) and the treatment of the silk within the socio-economic framework that denoted the area as an important silk-producing centre (silk industry) in Greece. Visitors have the opportunity to admire the typical Thracean manor house of Kourtidis, which hosts the silk museum.

    “This important distinction provides us with more strength and will, so that we keep offering the culture sector in Greece. This award encourages us to contribute in the quality upgrade of the tourism and thus, to support the peripheries of Greece. It is also a pretty good moment to have the Europeans listen to some good news from Greece, since over the past two years, media focus only on the negative aspect of Greece,” stated Sofia Staikos, president of the Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation.


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