Greek Prescription Database Hacked

A group of hackers have gotten into an official prescription database in Greece.

Last Monday, April 9, the day the new online prescription system went into effect, doctors logged in and did not manage to prescribe medicine because the database had already collapsed.

From Friday through Monday, hackers blocked the online service by uploading about 1.5 million fake prescriptions.

Doctors were unable to use the ministry’s database, which is created to deal with hundreds of prescriptions a day.

Greek Health Minister Andreas Loverdos commented that this was an “attack,” suggesting that it was organized by pharmaceutical companies, which lose much money due to the online prescription database. Until recently, doctors prescribed specific medicines based on the trade. In contrast, patients now have the opportunity to choose their medicine according to their substances, not the brand.

Greek police launched an investigation regarding the incident. The first investigation indicated hackers from Taiwan and Argentina. But, it is widely known that hackers follow digital routes, different to their real position, to avoid trouble.

Loverdos added that “such actions would not prevent Greek government from continuing this project.”


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