Russian Journalists Enjoy Their Visit to Crete

Russian journalists of the NOVOSTI news agency stayed almost 15 days on the island of Crete. They were invited by the Municipality of Crete in an initiative undertaken by Greek officials to advertise the island and attract more tourists from Russia.

The journalists, who are also Orthodox, spent the entire Holy Week on Crete where they celebrated Easter the Greek way!  The journalists enjoyed Greek holiday cuisine, visiting Crete during a sacred period of time during which Greek Easter enacts many interesting customs.

The trip was organized after Greeks and Russians met at the Moscow International Travel and Tourism Exhibition last March. The purpose of the Russians visiting Crete was to videotape and present the island’s suggestions for vacation, emphasizing agricultural tourism.

The results of the survey has already been published on the agency’s website. It also hosts an interesting report about Easter traditions and eating in Crete, making a special reference to grilled lamb, Greek Easter soup called “magiritsa” and the brioches.

It seems that the Russians left the island impressed by Greece’s traditions, and were fascinated by the island’s beauty, as well as the hospitality of Cretan residents.



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