Movie To be Filmed in Village of Potamia, Cyprus

Potamia is a mixed village located close to the Green Line, which separates the Greek part of Cyprus from the Turkish one. Both nationalities live in this small village, which has two mayors, one Greek and one Turkish.

A few days ago, a film crew visited the village to scout the area for an upcoming movie that will be supported by both the Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation and the Cypriot Ministry of Education and Culture.

The residents, however, did not like the fact that the workers of the film were illegal and that the prefect of the region was not informed about the visit, and are asking for reassurance that the region will be left as it was after they finish shooting. The filmmakers are also not allowed to do any digging.

Stelios Konstantinou, producer of the film, announced that they need almost a month to complete the movie and that they are going to construct two metallic frameworks, which will be used as a house and a stable. The workers will knock them down after finishing the film on June 9.

He also added that famous actors from Greece and Cyprus will participate in the film, as well as a star from Hollywood. Renowned photographers and professionals will also be working on the movie, while Nicosia and Lemesos are included in the shooting areas.


  1. There is not a Turkish ‘part’ of Cyprus, as your report suggests. There is the Republic of Cyprus, and this is divided into the free areas controlled by the legitimate government of the entire island and the Turkish-occupied sector of the island. There is nothing ‘Turkish’ about Kyrenia, Morphou, Ammohostos and Karpasia – which have been Greek for 3500 years – even if they are currently suffering under the jackboot of 40,000 Turkish troops. Please do not say there is a ‘Turkish part’ of Cyprus. There is not. Turkish-occupied, yes; Turkish, no.

  2. Cyprus is a divided island since 1974  the north is turkish and the south is greek 
    The Turkish Republic of Cyprus 
    ” we have our own laws” noththing to do with south cyprus what so ever !!!  forget what anyone     tells you GOOD or Bad about “The Turkish Republic of Cyprus ”    come and see for yourself 
    Turkish is the first language and english is the second spoken language  The currancy is Turkish liras here ! North cyprus is not in europe 


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