Paxi Island Residents Protest For More Ship Routes During the Summer

    The “Kerkyra” ship, travelling from the port of Igoumenitsa to Paxi island, didn’t manage to reach Paxi island last Tuesday. The reason was not damage to the ship’s engine or the bad weather conditions, but rather a demonstration of the island’s residents asking for more regular ship routes to Gaios port of Paxi.

    400 locals, as well as the Mayor of the island, gathered in the port to inform authorities of Igoumenitsa about their demand.

    Every year, many tourists visit the scenic small island of the Ionian Sea, but it is difficult for them to get there since the few routes to the island make their journey difficult.

    Now, residents and officials of Paxi are asking for four ship routes a week until June 24, and then until September 17.

    Taking into account that this island attracts many tourists every summer, despite the uncomfortable transport, there is no doubt that all four ships to Paxi island will be full.

    As for the “Kerkyra” ship, 13 out of 17 passengers were transferred to the other port of the island, Lakka, with the help of port authorities. Two others dove into the harbor to let the ship reach the port. They were later reprimanded by the Coast Guard and fortunately, everyone is safe.


    1. Hi there
      I am from Paxos ans this reaction is only the start. Its unfair cause last year from Igoumenitsa till Paxos was 1,3 min, & this year is nearly double time sometimes.


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