Michael ‘Iron Mike’ Zambidis To Fight For Super World Title

On Saturday, April 28 at Basketball Stadium at Elliniko (Poseidonos Ave. at Old airport of Elliniko, 1st stop at Agios Kosmas) during Iron Challenge, International Greek kickboxing World Champion Iron Mike Zambidis will fight again on Greek land and will face the international well-known Syrian-Austrian champion Fadi Merza.

In this highly anticipated fight, Iron Mike will defend the World Title King of the Ring in a match against Syrian/Austrian Fadi Merza.

Fadi Merza comes from Syria, lives and works in Austria; he is a tough, ruthless and explosive athlete baring the nickname “The Beast.” He holds the impressive track record of 123 wins in 153 fights and 49 KOs, while in 2011 he won the World Title of World Kickboxing Association (WKA). In 2009, he fought in the tournament of Muai Thai in Thailand in honor of the King of Thailand.

Fadi Merza is rated among the top 10 of athletes worldwide in his category and challenged Iron Mike, claiming the World Title of King of the Ring in 71kg.

Should Iron Mike win, the Greek World Champion will gain the Super World Title and the white belt that Mike Tyson holds, which is exactly why this fight is highly anticipated by Greek fans. The organization Iron Challenge is part of the World Series Championships, which take place around the world and the holders of the Super World Title will fight in March 2013 for the Super World Champion title.

In Iron Challenge, six kickboxing fights will take place with Greek athletes, with the major highlight being Iron Mike Zambidis. It will last three hours and be combined with side musical events. R&B group Nevma, rap singer Nivo, and Katerina Stikoudi will perform during the event, and a song especially written for Zambidis will be presented by rappers Nivo and Isorropistis. Heleni Karpontini will host the show.

Iron Challenge takes place with the support of ANT1 TV station, which will show the fight live April 28 at 21:00.

Source: http://www.ironmikezambidis.com


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