Woody Allen Scouting Sporades Islands For His New Movie

Woody Allen is about to visit the Sporades islands, mainly Skiathos and Skopelos, to “discover the islands” scenic corners, which would be ideal for his new inspiration. The famous American director intends to film a movie on the Greek islands in the near future.

During the past few years, Woody Allen has left his beloved New York City and has been shooting in several European capitals. His last film is titled “To Rome With Love,” and according to the IMDB film website, his next movie will take place in Stockholm, Sweden.

The American screenwriter, actor and director chose Spain for his “Vicky Cristina Barcelona” movie, France for “Midnight in Paris” and England for both “Scoop” and “Match Point.”

The Hollywood star’s preference for Europe is obvious, and now everybody in Skiathos is thrilled about his upcoming visit as well as for his upcoming film.

Besides, residents of the Sporades islands are used to publicity. “Mamma Mia,” which has been quite successful, showed the natural beauty of Skiathos island.


  1. Website owners: Correction: The Mamma Mia Movie was mainly shot in Skopelos island, along with some studio work, in Pelion, (one shot), and Skiathos, (one shot), so it would be nice to correct your article if, you are not being biased in any “complicated” way…thank you..! I consider this change already done…!!!

  2. I can’t find the source to this aritcle. Can you point it out please? Eυχαριστώ.


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