‘Greek Monsters’ Exhibition Suggests Monsters Are Not So Bad

Beetroot Design is a group of young designers from Thessaloniki who were honored as the “Red dot Agency of the Year” in Berlin.

This is a high distinction for professionals involved with communication design. Now, the Greeks’ work will be exhibited at the Benaki Museum from April 26 through July 29.

Before Athens, several other European capitals had already exhibited their work. But why “monsters,” you ask? According to the Greek designers, the word is “self-explanatory.”

“We are the Eurozone’s monsters,” comments  Vangelis Liakos, member of the Beetroot team. “We wanted to create something positive out of something negative,” he adds.

This international distinction is the best proof that they did it, they broke the boundaries and showed the Europeans that “they have to look once more – to look closer – and not to be afraid!”

Beetroot suggests that “Greeks are not monsters,” but rather, “we are hard-working people and creative,” explain members of the team.

Their exhbition is inspired by the current financial status of Greece, but also by mythology. Visitors of the Benaki Museum will meet Minotaur, listen to the Sirens’ song and be allured, not only by their song, but mostly by two giant sculptures of Skylla and Charybdis waiting for them, quiet and motionless.

“All these creatures, others painted with brush and others invisible, remind us that creation equals to happiness,” say the young designers.

Is this exhibition a trip back to ancient Greece or a trip to the future? Probably both, since the internationally noted Greek communication designers remind everyone that no one could ever smash Greeks’ talents, imagination and the will to live.


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