Greek Tourist Agencies Provide Huge Discounts to Attract Travelers

Europeans are reluctant to plan their vacation in Greece this summer due to fears about disruption to their holidays so travel agencies decided to take measures in order to survive the season by becoming more competitive.

Articles reporting “huge discounts” in an effort “entice reluctant travelers” or tour operators “slashing prices by up to 60 percent” are found all over the British press.

Despite the fact that there are no travel restrictions in place for Brits travelling to the economically-troubled Greece, the British Foreign Office does warn of the possibility of regular strikes, which are often called at short notice and can be violent.

As reassurance can’t fix the problem, Greek tourist agencies try to lure British customers by slashing prices. Even now, there still are concerns over possible strikes, occasionally violent demonstrations and disruption to public transport.

Meanwhile hotel and tour prices have dropped significantly. Mykonos, Kefalonia, Zakynthos, Corfu, Kos, and many more other islands are advertised all over the internet offering “impressive discounts” and unbelievable holiday offers. Yet, feedback is still negative or neutral as travelers fear that cheap holidays could turn devastating.

“If you are travelling to more rural areas of the country, or to the islands, you should face much less of problem [compared to big cities],” says an article on the British website.

“The market is still sluggish, so we’re virtually offering two holidays for the price of one, with reductions of 50 percent from our original prices,” said Commercial Director of Olympic Holidays Photis Lambrianides to


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