Greek Film Museum To Present Archaeological Movies of the World

Who were the Warriors of the mist? Why did Gauls behead their defeated opponents? What archaeological thesaurus lies on the bottom of the Greek sea? How does the illicit trade of antiquities work and is there a connection with the world’s greatest museums?

The mentioned questions, and many others will be answered by more than 60 movies presented by various filmmakers during an event organized by the Greek Open Archive Foundation.

As part of the 9th International Meeting of Archaeological Movies of the Mediterranean region…And Beyond, the Greek Film Museum, in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute of Athens, organized the film presentation from May 7-13 in Athens.

The program includes archaeological-themed movies from 15 different countries, including Peru, Australia, Egypt and Cyprus.

People in charge for the event paid great attention to children; their purpose is to bring kids closer to archaeology. So our young friends will have the opportunity to watch animated short films, through which they will realize what archaeology is. They also will “travel” to foreign countries and ancient cultures via audiovisual material, searching for invaluable archaeological treasures.

Screenings of special movies will fascinate older audiences as well. For the Greek cinema-lovers, the documentary “Four Men On a Raft” by Orson Welles tells the story of four impoverished men heading to Brazil’s capital on a raft to complain to the President about the country and their problems.

“Polemonta” by Dimitris Mavrikios, and the political film by Paolo and Vittorio Taviani, “St Michael Had a Rooster” (“San Michele Aveva un Gallo”) complete the one-week film festival.


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