Panic in Athens After Russian Prostitute Found to Be HIV Carrier

A few days ago, Greek police arrested a prostitute who was found to be HIV positive during a rapid test at an Athens brothel. Yesterday, the police published her name and her picture in order to inform customers about her disease.

The 22-year-old woman from Russia is in custody and is being prosecuted for ”intended serious physical harm,” among other charges. In a statement, the Greek  Center for Disease Control and Prevention (KEELPNO) is urging the prostitute’s customers to undergo an AIDS test.

Her name is Tatiana Bukhtoyarova, and she was born September 9, 1990, in Russia. She dwells in Galatsi, Athens. Her personal data was published so that clients who had sexual intercourse with her be examined for HIV.

According to later information, the 22-year-old woman appears to have known her medical condition and police are now investigating whether she deliberately infected her customers. Hundreds have visited the woman for her services and it remains to be examined if and how many have been infected with the lethal disease.

Meanwhile, the public exposure of the woman seems to have been strongly criticized despite the fact that it complies with public safety regulations. Many of her supporters note that doctor confidentiality doesn’t allow such information to be released.

Citizens who had unprotected sexual intercourse at the brothel, located in Acharnon & Fokaias 22B streets in Athens, in the last 6 months should contact AIDS-Helpline 210-72 22 222 or KEELPNO 210 521 20 54 or turn to hospitals.

According to, more than 600 people have already called KEELPNO and the AIDS-Helpline, reporting that they had unprotected sex with the Russian prostitute.


  1. “Meanwhile, the public exposure of the woman seems to have been strongly
    criticized despite the fact that it complies with public safety
    regulations. Many of her supporters note that doctor confidentiality
    doesn’t allow such information to be released.”

    Her “supporters” bizarrely support an inversion of morality.  If she knew she had HIV is true, this woman knowingly gave a death penalty to many people.  Her face needs to be out there so potential victims can be tested least they infect even more victims. Who would be so idiotic as to “support” effectively a murderer?

  2. This is a perfect example of why Greece needs to finally take action against on illegals. While Greeks are endlessly demonized by self-righteous foreign nationalists for white collar corruption.,… demonized for taken any sort of action to protect sovereign borders…. demonizing for trying to protect our very identity from the former Yugoslav republic (while their bigotted anti Hellenic apologists play dumb around their sudden change into “ancient Macedonians”)…..  far leftist extremists continue to support these ridiculous open door policies that are leaning to both skyrocketing violent crime and a complete destruction of Greece.,

    Far right groups like Golden Dawn are also extremists. However, the fact is the far bigger number of extremists still exist on the irrational bleeding heart far left. Aristotle suggested moderation. Yes we have to be compassionate but at the same time if we don’t also seek the interests of our homeland we will eventually cease to exist as both a nation and people.

    Any illegals that genuinely fear for their lives should be compassionately welcomed. Those that are Philhllenic, genuinely intend to integrate, and are productive should also be warmly welcomed  As for the illegals that  disrespectfully sneak into our homeland, don’t pay taxes, constantly break laws, and have the audactity to later demonize Greeks by manipulating NGOs,  they should ALL be kicked to the curb. Enough is enough.

  3. You can take all illegal immigrants to Canada with you, we don’t wont them here as there is no space for them and most important there are no jobs. The country cannot support more.

  4. She should be exposed because she is a public health hazard and the government should safe guard its own people. It is the proper way since the general prosecutor give the all clear to provide her details to the media for safety and to prevent others from walking this dangerous path.

  5. Come on, koloyeres, it is the customer’s job to wear a condom.
    Greece has always punished the sick. Remember Leros?
    How many Greeks hide their sick in the basement?
    How many doctors perform abortions on Greek women,
    whom they despise, saying,”Autn then einai mia yunaika:
    autn einai o zoo.”
    Get real. Every country has used immigrants for prostitution.
    The Pontic Greeks have illegally brought in Russians for years,
    and pimped them to Greeks, then sent them to Algeria,
    and then killed them when they were no longer able to have sex.
    This poor women is being used by the government to incite
    the Greeks against the obvious FYROM issue, which I detest
    as well.
    You koutamares are confusing the issue, just as they want you to do.

    How many times have you seen a Greek with a tall blonde “model?”
    in a restaurant. Me to les auto skata, mores.

    diamanda galas

  6. Curiously,at no point in this article is there any admonition of, or any responsibility placed on this woman’s clientele for not using condoms.Where is the most basic common sense? It is not her fault that they consciously chose not to protect themselves. It is so much easier to vilify and target a young female immigrant sex worker who is already stigmatized for what she does.Her clients hired her for sexual services not as a babysitter.Regardless of one’s opinion of sex work,  the same question restates itself with migraine inducing force Why didn’t these “victims” use condoms? If one drinks too much and has a hangover do they punish the bartender? Really.     

  7. sweetheart, this “exposure” is of no help to the public health, it’s just the fascists politicians trow a bone to the public (that they think is stupid) in the elections’ eve..
    It does in fact jeopardize public health by forcing prostitution and HIV and other sexually transmitted infections underground so more will be at danger. 
    what is really needed for public health – is exactly the opposite: to legalize illegals so that they could benefit from the prevention services, they could treat their vaginal infection and be able to insist that clients use condoms.

  8. глупо спидом врачи и исследователи внимание. Вы лечения этого заболевания edemiyorsan возможность лечения, которые могли бы легко, дешево, экономично. Травяные. в 99 %гарантировано.

  9. it lis likelly she was cheated and forced into prostitution like it happens by thousands in eastern europe. customers who got sick totally deserve it – the more of them get sick and die off – the better. they brutally treat these woemen because those women are literally sex slaves who endure regular beatings and rapes. 


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